Frequently Asked Questions

What are C-Botanicals?

C Botanicals is America’s first fermented, probiotic botanical beverage. Just as kombucha is brewed by fermenting tea, this new line of beverages is made from fermenting some of Mother Nature’s finest herbs and plants. With the addition of probiotics, each drink is a light, hydrating gift for your taste buds and your body.

What are botanicals?

A botanical is a plant-derived ingredient, such as a herb, root, or spice. We have intentionally selected certain botanicals to ferment, based on their functionality. For example, milk thistle has been found to detoxify the liver. Each flavor is crafted differently to best enhance the flavor and benefit of the particular botanicals.

What are sparkling botanicals?

C Botanicals are sparkling beverages that contain probioitics, as well as natural ingredients that have been used for centuries to help you feel your best.

What does the C stand for in C Botanicals?

C represents “coming alive” and celebrating.

What’s the shelf life?

The shelf life for Clearly Kombucha is 1 year, refrigerated. For C Botanicals, it’s 6 months— a shorter shelf life, since it’s unfiltered.

How do you make C Botanicals?

C Botanicals are a fermented beverage, similar to kombucha, but instead of fermenting tea with a SCOBY, we ferment our organic botanicals with a SCOBY.

Why does C Botanicals list probiotics on the label but CK does not?

Each flavor of C Botanicals is crafted to serve certain functions based on the amounts of each ingredient. Just like we list the amount of botanicals in milligrams on the front, we wanted to be able to have an exact probiotic count. Both Clearly Kombucha and C Botanicals contain naturally occurring probiotics but we've added additional probiotic strains to C Botanicals and those are the ones listed on the label.

Why is C Botanicals cloudy?

C Botanicals are cloudy for two reasons. We don't filter C Botanicals after fermentation and the purees themselves are unfiltered.